Stumble Upon

Welcome to the Stumble Upon Exchange. Stumble Upon is a site that has it users suggest websites.  As a user you select catagories that interest you.  When other users  ”stumble upon” websites that they like and that fit into your catagories, Stumble Upon will send you an email that will inform you of websites you may like that others have liked.

If you want to join the exchange  please leave your name and website or blog url in a comment.  To participate, leave a comment on this page with your website or blog url.  Then go to, signup, and get the button for your browser.   Your website address will go on The Exchange page so others can stumble upon it and vice-versa. Everyone should do this for the whole list. We will put a link to your website on this page and  other authors that sign up will “stumble upon” your site.

You are expected to “stumble upon” the sites that have links listed here.  This will do two things for you.   It will provide a link from this site to yours and from Stumble Upon to your site as well.  This will give you two back links to your site that will help with your search engine optimization.  It will also help your books because Stumble Upon will spread your url to many users who are interested in books, authors, and your topics.   You can start stumbling right now or you can wait until I post your link.
Choose the code of the banner for your blog or website.

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