Let’s Commoogle!

Today as promised, this post will give  an overview of Google + Communities.  Today I joined several communities for authors, publishers, and book marketers.  I hope after you read this post, you will do the same.   Let’s start with a video overview (above) I found on YouTube by Martin Shervington.

To find the communities for authors, publishers, or for book marketing, go to your profile or the Home page of Google +.  Look on the left sidebar, and you will see a link to Communities.  Click on the link and it will take you to the communities page.  There you can search for applicable communities.   I put ‘authors’ in the search box, and there were plenty of communities to join.  The communities with the most members appear from the top.  I looked at all of them because some with fewer members had some very interesting posts.  It may take them more time to build up their membership base.

Make sure to include me in your circles and I will do the same  for you.  Comment on this post and I will put one of your books on our Books We Love page. (This will give you a backlink to your site and a link to Amazon.)  Happy commoogling!

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