Submit eBooks for Free Days

This service will submit your book before  your KDP free days to 25 free book sites   or more since sites are added all the time. Remember the more downloads you get on your free days the higher your Amazon Ranking will be.  Also, Amazon will take notice of your book and promote it.  The free sites link to your Amazon purchase page to download the books.  This will save you an enormous amount of time for a very low price considering the time it would take you to submit your book to the sites yourself.  It will also get you a lot more downloads.  This service normally costs $30.00 and will increase after more sites are added  You get $5.00 off for purchasing while this introductory offer is live. .Once you purchase  Please send me an email,,  with the following information:

  1. Real First Name
  2. Real Last Name
  3. Pen Name
  4. Title of the Book, subtitle if you have one.
  5. Price for purchase when it is not free
  6. Dates of your Kindle free days.   You can still purchase if you don’t know your dates ;send them in an email when you do.
  7. jpg image of your book cover
  8. Book Genre
  9. Description of the book
  10. Author Bio
  11. Author jpg image
  12. email address
  13. Street Address, City, State, Zip

Free Bonus:   One week spotlight on you and your book on my blog if you leave a comment on the current  s blog.  There will be no promotion of Assisting Authors Online in your Spotlight.

Disclaimer:   This service is primarily to save you the time to finding and submitting your book to the many free book sites online.  It does not guarantee that they will put the book up.  They did volunteer for this service so there is a better chance than if you tried to submit the book yourself.   However there is no guarantee.

Any questions leave a comment below and I will answer them.   Click on the PayPal Button below.   If you don’t have PayPal, it will accept a credit card.  Looking forward to working with you.


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