Five Ways to Promote Your Book on Amazon – Day 1 -Tag My Book

I get a lot of marketing information from a lot of sources. I wade through it every day to find helpful information that you can actually use and understand. You are writers. Very few or you are marketing experts, technology experts, media experts, etc. Marketing your book is hard work and very time consuming, It also requires some specific background knowledge which takes time to acquire. Because of this, many authors choose to have Assisting Authors Online do this work for them. We realize that in these financial times not all authors can afford the extra expense. We want to help and that is why we promote books on our site at no cost and have this blog to help you market your books. This week the topic is Five Ways to Promote your Book on Amazon:

  1. Tag My Book on Amazon
  2. List Mania
  3. Amazon Profile Page
  4. Amazon Groups
  5. Amazon Reviews

Tag My Book on Amazon

I think this is a very helpful technique.  It is outlined in detail by Todd Forseca on his blog, Tag My Book on Amazon.   Amazon has tags for your books to help users find books through searching.  If I were looking for a contemporary romance book for instance, I may search for it using the  tag, “Chicklit.”  Authors ad these tags when they put their books on Amazon.   What is interesting is that if enough people use the same tag to find a book, community pages are formed and conversation is  ignited around that tag.  If your book has the tag, it will be included in the conversation. Todd has it working well on his site this way:

Submit Your Book

  1. Book Title
  2. Book Description
  3. Amazon purchase link
  4. website link
  5. 3 tags (you should already have more than that on Amazon)
  6. Submit your book information in a comment on the bottom of the page.
  7. Your book will show up the next month usually, ready for tagging.

Tag You’re It

This is where the power of authors helping authors comes in.  On this page month by month, all the books submitted for that month are sitting there ready to be tagged by all the other authors  who have books ready to be tagged also.  When we tag our clients books for them, we tag all the books on the list for three months.  So if there are 100 books submitted, we tag all 100.  The good thing is if every one who submits a book there books will also be tagged by 100 authors.  We have seen the tags jump to triple or more in one day.

Hope this helps your book get noticed on Amazon.  Tomorrow we will have another great Amazon Tip:  Tag My Book on Listmania.

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