How to Promote Your Books Using Stumble Upon and the Exchange

How do you promote your books using Social Media.I would like to share some of the things I know and would hope you would share what has worked for you.    I would like to use this blog and our newsletter to help you promote your books anyway I can.  To this end, I am going to select  a different Social Media site  for each blog and explain  how to use it to your best advantage.    I would love it if you can add any information to help our readers from your experiences either prior to this update or after trying these suggestions.

Today I would like to feature Stumble Upon.   Stumble Upon is a site that has it users suggest websites.  As a user you select catagories that interest you.  When other users  “stumble upon” websites that they like and that fit into your catagories, Stumble Upon will send you an email that will inform you of websites you may like that others have liked.

For example,  I collect a lot of information about social media, blogging, video, and book promotion.  I am always on the lookout for information that will help my clients.  I collect a lot of content.  It takes great organization skills to keep everything straight.  Someone mentioned the program One Note that is part of the Microsoft Office Suite.   I started searching for information about One Note. This research lead me to Stumble Upon and to a website that had an excellent explanation  how to use the program.  I thought Stumble Upon was a fantastic idea because actual users found the websites instead of the websites’ authors.  I signed up and downloaded their tool bar so that every time I found a website that I really liked, I just clicked a button and it went to Stumble Upon for others to find.

There is also another benefit.  If people “stumble upon” your blog or website and click on the button when they are on your site, you get automatic back links .  This is very important to Google and other search engines because it tells them that credible sites find your site to have good content.  This helps with your page rankings.  We all want our site or blog to be on the first page of a Google search and this can help.  It is called search engine optimization and we all need it.

Tomorrow I will create a new page for this site.  This page will have links to your websites so that people can  “stumble upon” your websites or blogs and you can do the same for them.  The page will be called The Exchange and it will be  page where we can set up many exchanges for authors to help each other, Stumble Upon being the first.  To participate, leave a comment on this page with your website or blog url.  Then go to, signup, and get the button for your browser.   Your website address will go on The Exchange page so others can stumble upon it and vice-versa. Everyone should do this for the whole list and don’t forget to “stumble upon”

Tell me what you think and if you have any ideas or other sites similar to this.  Don’t forget to send the information to get your book on the Books We Love page.  Go to the page if you want to know more about it.

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