4 Platforms You May Not Know for Content Curation – A Guest Blog

Cendrine Marrouat is a Canadian author who has a fantastic blog called Creative Ramblings. She blogs about marketing ideas and tools. Many can be used for book marketing so I read her posts religiously. She agreed to be a guest blogger here for which I am very grateful.

Article marketing is a good and easy way for you to promote your books. Write an article or a blog post and summit it to article directories which we will be covered in our next blog. Cendrine, in her latest post, talks about ways to find  the best content to put an article or blog post together.  If you have any other sites or information to add or questions about the sites, please comment below.    It would be a great idea to subscribe to Cendrine’s blog because she has a constant flow of excellent information.

Here is her posting:

Content curation consists in selecting interesting information and organizing it into categories / niches thanks to specific services. In a day and age when content is spread across millions of blogs and profiles on social networking sites, curation is very useful and can save a lot of time and frustration. Whether you are new to content curation or not, here is a list of four services that you may not know:


Scoop.it is the first content curation service that I encountered and I absolutely love it. I find it clean and appealing to the eyes. I blogged about it a while ago and my article was actually picked up by the service. It appears in the Scoop.it blog, in the same category as Mashable.


Curated.by is another great content curation service that I have used for a while and that has brought quite a lot of traffic to my blogs and website already. After dragging the bookmarklet in your Bookmarks Bar, you can share content within seconds. And the extension built for Google Chrome adds a new ‘Curate’ button below each tweet on Twitter.com.  Niche topics are called ‘bundles.’  They can be easily embedded everywhere, such as blog posts.


To start using Curated.by, click here.


I have just discovered Trunk.ly and already like it! As always, after registering, I added the bookmarklet in my Bookmarks Bar and started sharing content. The difference between this service and Scoop.it / Curated.by is that tags and descriptions must be added manually. In a way, Trunk.ly reminds me of StumbleUpon.

To start using Trunk.ly, click here.


With Redux, users can give one another ‘props’. And the more props, the higher the content rises on top of the pile — a similar concept to what can be found on Digg or Delicious. However, Redux is about filtering popular items within sub-areas, and following particular topics of interest.


To start using Redux, click here.

Below are  eight more  content curation  sites:

If you want to know more about them before you use them click here: http://www.creativeramblings.com/article-promotion-8-platforms

For more great postings, visit Cendrine’s Blog: http://www.creativeramblings.com.

Please comment and share this post, it will really help bloggers and authors with their articles and postings.
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  • Thank you so much for including me! I really appreciate it!

    • Anonymous

      I asked you a while agp for a guest blog.  Your content is amazing and I want my readers to find out about it.   I hope you will read some of my other postings and visit our Facebook Page.  I would love to know what you think of both.

      Thanks for the comment,


  • Thanks for including Trunk.ly in your review.

    I just wanted to make what we feel is the key point about Trunk.ly, it’s really powered by Automation and Search.  

    Automation:  If you’re actively engaged online around Twitter, Facebook and blogs (and more) we’ll automatically collect and save content for you.  Of course, as you already discovered, we have a bookmarklet so you can save things directly too.

    Search: Every link you save is fully indexed so that what you are really building is a “personal Google” of the best content you find on-line.  I imagine for Authors, this would be a killer feature – you share and save the content that you find in your research and then using Trunk.ly, it’s there at your finger tips again without having to sort through pages of Google results.

    Again, really appreciate you covering us.


    Co-founder, Trunk.ly

    • Anonymous

      Hi Tim,
      Thanks for elaborating.  I am always looking for content for our authors and readers.  I plan to take the time to really use your site to our best advantage.  I appreciate your comment and I am sure many of our readers and myself will take advantage of what your site has to offer.  Thank Cendrine because without her, I never would have found you.  This networking thing really is useful.


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