Why an Author Needs a YouTube Channel

What is a YouTube Channel

Like any other Social Network, YouTube has a vehicle where you can connect with like minded people.  If you have a channel and people like what you have to say in your videos, they will subscribe to your channel so that they will be informed when you post a new video.

Fiction Authors

For fiction authors, you can post book trailer videos, video interviews, and video book reviews that you made to review a book or that a reviewer made to review your book.   See my channel for examples of all three.  http://www.youtube.com/user/Janisf1944?feature=mhee. You can also make videos of your events like book signings.   People can comment on your videos and just like Facebook and Linked in, you can comment back.  Just another way to brand your book.  Make sure that you put your videos on YouTube, Linked in, and Facebook.  In this month’s newsletter, I will tell you how and where to put your videos on all three social networks.

Non-Fiction Authors

Non-Fiction authors, you can do the above and create  “how to” videos on topics related to the content of your book.  This would be a terrific way to brand yourself as an expert in your field.

Create Your Channel

Here is a video that will help you create your channel.  I suggest you stop the video and complete each step as described.
Also if you want to know more about YouTube, click on the link on the video and then subscribe to the channel by clicking on “subscribe” on the page above the video.


Make Your Channel Stand Out

When you went to my video channel did you notice my background?  I used a background that YouTube provided because I thought it stood out beautifully.  You can find all kinds of free backgrounds onYouTube. Here are a list of a few:

Install a Background to your Channel:

Once you pick out your background, here is how to install it:

    1. Login into your YouTube account
    2. On the upper right of the page, you will see your login name with a down arrow, click on the down arrow and choose Channel.
    3. On the top next to edit channel click on “Themes and Colors.”
    4. If you like one of the background choices provided by YouTube, click on it.
    5. Under the thumb nail images of themes and colors, click on “Advanced Options”
    6. If you have saved a background from one of the above links and rather use that, below the first column click on browse and find the background on your computer then click on it.
    7. You should see part of the background, then click save changes.

There you have it, easy as pie.

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  • Anonymous

    Good call on the insights, those are amazing really good technology. Here is an example http://www.mmncs.com/2011/06/check-your-audience-attention-youtube-insights-hot-spots-the-ups-and-downs-of-viewership-at-each-moment-in-your-video/

    Check out your HOTSPOT and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel musicfordriving it’s recommended for the acquired taste in music.

    • Thanks for your comment.  I will checkout the music channel.  Can you please clarify HOTSPOT?


      • A key factor for the hotspot is if one rewinds the movie back to a certain place to see or listen to it again. I was just amazed when I discovered how much stats which where available for each video. I have a google account so they know my age, where i live and surely lots of other information + my audience attention, hotspots for all the youtube videos I have watched in all time. They are as we say the gatekeepers of the Internet. Google that is. People in general just don’t know. Google is a superpower with no borders. 

        One thing I just don’t understand about Google are their morals no porn on youtube??? but loads of gun commercials, demonstrations, etc…. hey let’s promote things that are made to kill people, but not to fertilize. Well I don’t care since I like naked women and guns ; )I guess Google just things that there are too many people and they might be right…

        Yeah and check out the http://www.youtube.com/musicfordriving channel, but it is an acquired taste I much add. Not for the regular boring radio listeners who don’t acquire their own taste.

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