Adding Facebook Apps for Author Pages

The apps on the app-strip that I explained in the previous post are actually buttons that link to custom pages that you can create to make your Facebook Time Line Author Page  interesting and exciting.  The following are the pages that I would suggest you have:

  • A welcome page that includes a give-away of some kind if they like the page.  I give away an ebook, Promote  Your Book on Amazon if people like my page and fill out my opt in form.  My email distribution site sends the eBook to people who fill out my form.  I also have this form on my website.
  •  Your blog or website.
  • Your Amazon purchase page if you have one book.  Your Amazon author page with your bibliography listed with links to each book’s purchase page.  People hate to leave Facebook so they will be able to purchase your books right from Facebook using this page.  If you do not have an authors’s page, you can create one using Amazon’s Author Central.  You can import your blog feed and your twitter feed into the author’s page as well.
  • A video page where you put your book related videos such as interviews, trailers, video book reviews.
  • Your Pinterest pins from different boards that have something to do with your books.

You have room on the apps-strip for 12 custom apps so you can use your imagination.



Now that you know what you should have, how to you bring in these pages is a different story.   If you are computer savvy, you can use Facebook to find an add the apps.  This is not that easy to do.  I suggest you use the following links as tutorials:

I have found some sites that provide somewhat easier applications to do this:

  • is a site that provides a drag and drop system to create these apps with full support. You can use the free version but that only gives you one app to use or you can use the consultant option which is $30.00 per month and is unlimited.  You can quit at anytime.
  • has an app called ZoomFrame that is free for now and will allow you to bring in your website, Pinterest Page, and Amazon author page or purchase page.  It allows you three apps.  It works great because unlike some other apps it does not cut off any of the page so you can see all of it.  They have some other apps available as well.
  •  This also has a variety of apps.  You can get started for free.  You can buy packages of apps and there are no monthly fees.

If you do not have the time or energy to make these pages yourself, Assisting Authors Online can do this all for you and optimize the pages so you get promotional value as well.  The price depends on how many pages you want.  As a special offer to our readers, you can get all the pages including the Timeline Page listed above for $200.00.    This price won’t last long so if you are interested, email me at and we can get started right away.  This package is also included in our Amazon Book Launch package (click on Services on our main menu).


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  • Peggy Strack

    Thanks!!! Very helpful!

    • I am happy I could help.  Be sure to read the previous posts on this topic for even more information. Thanks for the comment.

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