A Plan to for Authors to Make the Most Out of Linked In

Going with the Social Media For Authors Theme,  Today I would like to spotlight Linkedin,  http://www.linkedin.com .  I chose this infographic, because it gives you visual and written steps to get the most out of Linkedin,.  I love linkedin because it has a lot of author groups with great discussions and advice. I have attracted most of my clients from there.    You have ten days to go through the steps and comment or ask questions about each step you have tried or accomplished.   During this time,  I will elaborate on the points below to make Linkedin less of a mystery.  Don’t forget you can leave comments and questions here, or contact me at janis@assistingauthors.com for more one to one help.  If you use comments, other people can help as well.

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Create a Profile   Make sure you make a complete profile.   You can put your book links on it, your book trailers, your blog can be piped in.  I will go into all that  during the week.
  3. Make Connections.  Search for authors in your genre, publishers, you will meet people you want to connect with in groups.  This is not Facebook.  Look for people who are authors or in the book business.
  4. Write an interesting bio and a photo of you is a must.  Use your writer creativity.
  5. Recommend others.  You can start we me.  Connect with me on Linked in.   Once we are connected recommend me and I will recommend you back.  Make sure you send me a message and tell me about yourself.
  6.  Join groups.  This is very important.  Answer questions, comment, but keep your self-promotion to a minimum.  Do not be argumentative, this is a real problem with some people.  Don’t give them ammunition.
  7.  Once you are further along and understand how Linked in works, may an author profile for you and your books.
  8.  Optimize yourself for searches.  I will go into how to do that as well.
  9. We will also talk about how applications can work for you, for instance putting your blog and video trailer on your profile.

Next week we will do this with another Social Media  site.  I would like to make this a weekly course, free of course, to get you all confident in using  social media to brand your name and your book.  I think Infographic make things much clearer and easier to understand if you use them step by step.

An Aside:  Before I get to the infographic,  my friend, Trish Silver, author of When I Remember Love,  launched her new jewelry website today.  Her bracelets are gorgeous.  I have five of them now.  The image below is very similar to one I have, and I love it.  Please have a look.  They are very affordable.  http://www.trishsilverjewelry.com.

A Trish Silver Bracelet

 Don’t miss tomorrow with my interview of Ambassador Jonathan Wutawunashe.   You will have an opportunity to win a Kindle Fire.

To make the info graphic larger, click on it and a new screen will show up with a smaller graphic of it, click on that and it will expand.


Linked-in Boot camp


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