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I am having a lot of fun creating Facebook Timeline Pages.  I have  posted before how important Author pages are to promoting your books.  In the next few posts, I am going to go through in small segments,  how to set up Facebook’s new timeline format to best sell your books. Today you will learn how to create a timeline cover.

If you do not have an Author Page here are a tutorial on how to initially set up the page :  When you set it up, make sure you name it correctly because you won’t be able to change the name.  Use your author name or blog name, something professional.  Look at all three links, because Facebook is fussy about what you can put on the cover image.  These links will explain it all.


The main page is where most of the action that will help you promote your book happens.  If you want to create the cover graphic  on your own, you will need a graphic program.   I used Photoshop for the cover image for our page  see the image above, but there are a lot of free graphic programs you can download from the Internet. If you do not want to make your own,  below are links to five tools that will make it easy to make your cover with your own photos, book covers, etc.  Make sure that you have uploaded all the images you want to use in your cover if you choose one of these tools:

  1. Pic Scatter:  This site is best for Friend’s pages rather than Author pages, but if you have written a lot of books, it would be a fantastic cover using your book covers.   It would look similar to what I did with  our cover image above.
  2. Timeline Banner Maker: You can do a lot with this using your images or their background images.  This tool gives you a lot of flexibility and choices.  Really take some time looking it over.
  3.  Faceit Pages Time Line Cover Maker this a great tool but a little more technical.  It is worth a look.
  4. Cover Junction: This has many catagories of images to use as FB covers. You can upload your own covers as well.
  5.  Cover Canvass:  I really like this one.  It has the most interesting choices.  It brings images from your Facebook profile then provides templates to put an interesting spin on them.  They have  a lot of templates and use only three images.  They automatically load it on to your  Facebook Timeline (Friends).  I think if you want to use it for your pages, you would have to take a screen shot of it.

Look around and explore to see if you want to use any of these sites to create your Facebook page timeline.   Here is an image of the sizes the  cover images and the app images have to be:


To Do:

  1. Sign up for a  Facebook Page according to the directions above.  If you already have a page and not a cover, your main page will just have the bottom part of the size image shown above.  It will have your profile image, the about description space , a photo app and and space for three other apps.  Apps  is Facebook’s name for other pages because you use apps to make them.  I use a trick for the photos app that I will reveal in my next post.
  2. Get a feel for the new timeline format by visiting,, and  Look around.   Click on all the apps to see what’s there. Make comments that tell what you think about the pages.
  3. Don’t forget to enter Diane’s contest.  You will automatically get an entry by “Liking” the page.  There are several ways to get  more entries. The prizes are a Kindle Fire or one of  two Amazon  $50 gift certificates .  Trish also has a contest.  Like her page and win one of her gorgeous bracelets.
  4. Then go to the listed timeline cover sites and create your own.  You can rest after that.

The next post will cover the uploading of the cover and the rest of the  size diagram above.  I will show you how to make the app images and links.  How to optimize the about section and the photos icon.  I will talk about what pages you will need to have a Facebook magnet for selling your books.

Please comment below and let me know how this is working for you.   ( As we go on, if you think the process is a bit time consuming or you would like to have your pages more quickly, Assisting Authors Online will do them for you at reasonable prices.)


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